August 26, 2021

SharePoint – Event Registration Power App

As part of an effort to share more of my Power Apps/Power Platform solutions with the community, I am starting with an event registration solution which consists of a canvas Power App, a few Power Automate flows and some SharePoint lists. 

Event registration Power App
Event Registration Power App/Web Part

I created this solution as a proof of concept as an alternative to the out of the box SharePoint Events Web Part. The out of the box web part does not provide event registration functionality but looks great on a modern SPO Intranet.

I wanted to showcase the art of the possible with the Power Platform and that often simple Power Apps can be used to add custom functionality to your SharePoint pages. This is a great alternative to developing custom Web Parts using the SharePoint Framework, especially if you don’t have an in-house development team. 

At a high level the solution provides the following functionality:

  • Ability to browse, register and unregister for events.
  • View past and upcoming events.
  • View events you have registered for.
  • Automatically add the event to your Outlook calendar when registering.
  • Create events (Admins).
  • Edit/Delete events (Admins).
  • View event attendees (Admins).
  • Email event attendees (Admins).
  • Print a list of event attendees (Admins).

The full solution is available for download on GitHub – 
alexc-MSFT/sharepoint-events-powerapp: Proof of Concept Power App providing Event Registration functionality. Designed to be embedded within a SharePoint Page. ( Please feel free to customise and fork for your own needs.

The solution is a POC so is still rough around the edges but is functionally complete.

I would welcome any contributions (simply clone and submit a pull request) if you add any functionality/customisations that you think would be beneficial to others ?.

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