November 2, 2018

Office 365 Security & Compliance Admin Center not appearing

I recently asked a client to add us to the ‘Compliance Administrator’ role in the Security & Compliance center of their tenancy so I could set up some Labels and Retention policies for them.

What we found is when granted the ‘Compliance Administrator’ or even the ‘Organization Management’ role (which should give a greater level of permissions), the compliance center is not visible under the list of Admin Centers within Office 365. 

Interestingly we can access it directly through the URL –

I’m not sure if it simply takes time for the Security & Compliance center to show up in the list and whether there is a timer job behind the scenes.

The guidance is a little confusing as it seems to suggest there is a ‘Compliance Administrator’ role in the list of Office 365 admin roles itself and not just within the Compliance center (see below screenshot and link to the guidance). This is not the case as the tenant in question is an E3 tenancy and there is no admin role listed for this.

Office 365 Admin Roles

If anyone knows the answer I would be very keen to know! 

Hopefully this post may help some of you though who didn’t try the URL directly (like me!). I’ll update the post if it does eventually show up as a link!

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