October 12, 2018

Flow – Terminate action with custom status

The ‘Terminate’ action provides a useful way to stop/end a flow and specify your own message.

One thing to be aware of is that custom ‘Status’ values are not yet supported. In the flow designer the option to enter a custom value is visible for the action, however if you attempt to use it you will receive an error. 

Terminate action - custom value
Terminate action – Status values

When I first tried this I simply entered Test into the Status box which results in an error message when saving the flow. 

Terminate action – Custom status error

I attempted to get around this by creating a string variable and using that for the status value. This allowed me to save the flow but it errored on execution. The screenshots above, especially the second one makes it clear that the values for Status must be of type Microsoft.Azure.Flow.Common.Entities.FlowStatus which clearly we cannot modify hence the error.

I’ve posted it on the Flow Ideas section of the Flow Community forum – https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/Flow-Ideas/Allow-custom-statuses-for-Terminate-action/idi-p/163865 so if this is something you would like to see added then please upvote it 🙂

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