November 13, 2018

Flow – Send an email action ‘Out of call volume quota’

I’m currently working on a document disposition/review Flow for a client (more on that coming soon!) which kept erroring. It was specifically failing in a ‘Do Until’ action and sadly Flow doesn’t give you any details as to what failed inside a Do Until. 

Inside the Do Until, I had a send an email action which it turns out, was the source of the failure. I had to bring this email action out of the Do Until to see the error (just by trial and error). The specific error message was ‘Out of call volume quota. Quota will be replenished in 06:44:20’ (I imagine the number hours will differ per Tenant/Flow environment).

Send an email quota error

I had no idea that this specific action has a quota tied to it, I had been doing a lot of testing and I forgot to put a Delay action inside the loop so it had sent a ton of emails! 

The Flow pricing page talks about the quota for the number of Flow runs for each plan but not specific quotas for individual actions.

It’s certainly worth bearing in mind – I can’t remember the exact amount of emails it sent but it wasn’t hundreds. 

I guess i’ll now have to wait until the quota replenishes!

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